Outlaw Queen Appreciation Week :)

Day 7: Outlaw Queen meets Pixar

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The Forbidden Fruit Bakery from Baker’s Dozen: I decided to try my hand at a drawing that wasn’t of people, for a refreshing change. This has taken a good long time and I’m super proud of it! I’ve used someonethatiamnot's description and layout of the cafe and thrown in a few additions that came to my head as I imagined it. I hope everyone likes it!

The Peaches & Cream special is there, as well as the tip jar, Regina’s signature Mini-pies on the bottom shelf of the display and the old-timey register. I’ve thrown in an extra ‘good-will’ gesture that wasn’t scripted, but I thought it was something Regina’s little cafe would do: Yesterday’s bread given away for free.

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Do you think they are going to kill off Robin next season. I'm just so worried about it because they haven't decided if they should upped him to series regular yet. Please tell me I'm wrong and that it's just a matter of time :( - Anonymous

I honestly doubt Robin/Sean is going anywhere for a while although obviously I can’t say that with any certainty because I don’t know what the writers have in mind. However, his introduction as a love interest for one of the main characters and the fact that they are obviously setting up the Regina/Robin/Marian situation as a major storyline for season 4 seems to suggest he will be around a while Also I know it’s disappointing that Sean hasn’t been upped to a regular but regular status doesn’t necessarily always mean a character is there until the very end either. Who knows what the writers have in mind. Best not to think about it and enjoy what we do get :D


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so give me hope in the d a r k n e s s that I will see the l i g h t

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Take a shot


When had doing tequila shots become such a flirtatious ordeal?

Both were confident they could hold their liquor, but both failed to acknowledge the alcoholic content of their current beverage and were blissfully unaware of how much faster doing shots could get you drunk.

Scrolling through my dash on Tumblr, I see that il-etait-une-fois-nos-reves made a post about Robin and Regina doing body shots and things spiraled from there.
Find it on AO3 and

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Outlaw Queen AU (James Bond)

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There are many things that I would like to say to you but I don’t know how

[for my lovely Rachele ]

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